Thursday, September 29, 2011

If I Could Save You 25-45% On Your Fuel Consumption And Get Paid While Doing So Would You Listen To Me?

Is anyone else as mad and as upset as I am to have to pay upwards of $4 a gallon for gas? What about if it raises to $6 or $8 per gallon then what would you do? Well I have a sad premonition for you and that is we will see prices raise to this level in the coming future be sure of that. If you think that this government cares anything about keeping your gas prices low you need to think again. Just look at what has happened to the price of gas with the turmoil in Libya. Do you honestly think that gas prices should have gone up almost $.60 a gallon in two weeks. Come on folks start seeing the big picture here and start doing something about it. And you can right now.

The solution is Hydrogen or HHO. It is free and clean and will revolutionize your driving habits in just one day after installation, guaranteed! Hydrogen is the most abundant free source of energy on the market today. And it is FREE. In the coming years most energy sources that you know and trust will start to use Clean and renewable Hydrogen to power anything and everything that moves.

This article is centering on just one aspect on Hydrogen and that is fuel for cars and trucks. Can you imagine by just installing a few components in your car I can save you between 25-45% minimum on your gas or diesel fuel bill. It is called the Hydrogen Fuel Cell and in just one day it will transform the way you think about gasoline and the headaches that go along with filling up your tank.

Most people in this country know little to nothing about what I am talking about but in Europe they already have fueling stations and use it as common practice because the fuel prices are so much higher there. But trust me, the United States is already on a path to equal or exceed what Europe is paying in the near future. Like it or not this is the truth so you have two options. One is to continue to pay the exuberant prices or second do something about it.

Well I have a solution that is fast, very reasonably priced and actually helps the environment. And with the installation of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell comes other fantastic side effects. After installing the fuel cell you will also start to feel more horsepower as well as more torch from your engine. Also the hydrogen actually cleans your engine of all the pollution it has accumulated using fossil fuels. The pinging noise in most cars and trucks will disappear and you will notice quicker acceleration and less noise from your engine. And not to mention the smoke and pollution coming from your tailpipe will be a thing of the past and good riddance.

Did you know that by using gasoline to power our cars and trucks it is actually one of the least effective ways there is. The gasoline combustion engine only uses approximately 18% of the fuel to power the vehicle the rest goes into the catalytic converter and out the tailpipe and into the atmosphere polluting and killing our environment. And with that pollution comes disease of every kind to the human body. We are destroying our world and we do not have to. We now have a solution that is save and inexpensive compared to what we are experiencing now.

It is pollution free folks. That's right, it actually emits water vapor and 0% carbon dioxide. We have the means now to start cleaning up our world and it is available immediately.

And did you know what the best thing is? The Federal Government will actually pay for your new Hydrogen Fuel Cell. That's right, both federal and state governments have incentive programs and will pay up to $2,000 per fuel cell. So what are you waiting for a free fuel cell and savings up to 45% on your fuel bill, that is a win win situation!